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warehouse sales at special price !!! hurry limited qty.

Corporate gifts are one of the best ways to thank participants for their times, increase business and maintain strong customers and employee relationships. Whether it is clients, employees, staff, business associates everyone love receiving gifts !!!    ***price and etc subject to confirmation.

  ***note below prices quoted after discounts***
Warehouse Sales from 50 cents Hurry !!! limited period & Qty

CLEAR Water Bottle 500ml - help save environment $2

pouch with hook & keychain for TT Token $10 for 4 qty
no more unable to find or forget your trace together token, just hook on to bag or belt !!!!!

2 Pockets Armband Pouch - great for sports $5

FREE your hands while doing sports or outdoor with this armband pouch, now can bring handphone & etc.

Billiard Gloves - play better billiard with gloves $1
minimum purchase $10 for 10 qty. bulk purchase at 50 cents available MOQ 100

18 inches Dart Board with FREE darts - $25
also available below 18 inches dart board.

Foods Insulated Bag - keep foods warm or cold $3
minimum purchase $10 for 3 qty

Personal Cutlery - no more UNCLEAN cutlery $1.50
minimum purchase qty 10

Golf Bag Protection Cover - protect your expensive bag $19
made of waterproof nylon materials.

Wristband Towel for racket games $3
japan made GOSEN, minimum purchase $10 for 3 qty

Badminton Package - shuttle, net, wristband towel
Shuttle Cock $13 Badminton Net $12 Wristband Towel $3

Foldable Pencil Case- $3

can easily see the contents inside. very popular in Japan. minimum purchase $10 for 3 qty
Digital Weight Scale $5
no more paying for expensive excess luggage charge.

BIG Foldable Shopping Bag $2 everyone love this bag

Extra shopping bag. Help SAVE environment, Say NO to disposable plastic bag.

Drawstring Bag with good quality material - $1.90
hurry !!! special price now $1.90 with FREE one color printing for moq 500 many happy customers
Waist Pouch with expandable waist strap fr $4

no more losing your precious items while outdoors.  Big pockets for many items.

Foldable Laptop Cooling Stand - don't overheat

Best Selling multi purpose pouch ***

No more unable to find your personal items. Great for sports, travel, accessories bag, personal items and more. 
MPP1 - multi purpose pouch with side pocket Size:  22 x 14 x 8 cm - $2.90

MPP2 - multi purpose pouch smaller Size:  21.5  x 11 x 10 cm from $2

Sling bag - no more LOSING your precious items

Car hook to hold our bags, foods and more at $1
no more damaging your expensive car leather seats.  minimum purchase $10 for 10 qty

Pouch with side zipper pocket for phone $1

Traditional Kites - 50 cents moq 50 qty

Foldable Cup - Help Save the environment fr $2-$3***

Size: 200ml - height 8.8 cm x diameter 8.8 cm. Made from food safety silicone material that is washable and reused.  MOQ 1000 contact us for small qty price  NTUC selling $3.90

Slim Water Bottle - easy to carry in pockets or bag $3
water refill machine is everywhere bring your own water bottle.  Say NO to disposable water bottle

Facemask Case 50 cents - no more UNCLEAN mask

A6 Transparent Plastic Case - 50 cents MOQ 20
Knife Sharpener -
Turn Old Scissor & Knife into brand NEW  $10 for 3 qty

Tissue Holder cum Money Pouch $10 for 10 Qty.

Waterproof Dry Bag 10-15 litres fr $13
we made for many companies, school, clubs and etc at very competitive price !!!. Great for outdoor, travel, water events and etc.
PageUp***- handy gadget to hold up document, photo, business cardholder
Special 50 cents now for limited period

a paper holder to keep papers upright while you type, view or to remind you important messages and more. Included a nice white box packaging.

Big Shoe Bag - Size 34 x 20 x 12 cm  $3
Can put shoe, towels, waterbottle and etc. Waterproof Material and Good quality double zipper with pocket inside.

Shoe Bag model 1788 - hot selling shoe bag from $2

Many happy customers.  Good waterproof materials Size:  32 x 14.5 x 13 cm. everyone love this shoe bag.  we have immediate stocks and can print logo+text. MOQ 200 qty otherwise $3

Slim Travel Waist Pouch fr $3***WP200
Say bye bye to pick pockets !!! never lose your valuables !!! hp, money, cards and etc.  Great for travel - very slim under clothes or jacket !!!  front: 2 zip pockets and back 1 zip pocket.  long adjustable waist strap to cater to fat waist.

Foldable Bag special price now fr $2 !!!
Long shoulder strap 80cm for easy carrying. most bags available have very short strap. Waterproof polyster nylon materials,  light and easy to carry.  2 sizes. big size (FB-01) 48 x 30 (H) x 20 cm,  small size(FB-02)(W) 46 cm x (H) 35 cm x (D) 17.5 cm.

Toiletries Bag with hook fr $3
NO more forgetting your important toiletries when doing sports, travel and etc
Foldable Canvas Bag 42 x 30 x 8 cm fr $3
extra bag whenever you need it - foldable & easy to carry around.
Running Belt with Pouch 22 x 3.5cm from 50 cents***
now can bring your items while doing sports or outdoors.

Multi-Purpose Transparent Plastic Case 50 cents***
Great for keeping important receipts, money, travel, Pencil Case and etc.    
Cardholder - no more losing your cards
50 cents***                      

Foldable Hat against sun and rain $2***

NO MORE worry about rain or sun.  Small and light when folded 14 cm make it easy to carry about in bag or pocket.

Foldable Fan - no more hot weather !!! from $1
when fold, very small only 14 cm make it easy to carry about in bag or pocket.MORE worry about rain or sun.  Small and very light when folded ( 14 cm ) make it easy to carry about in bag or pocket.

Foldable Personal Cutlery 4in1 from $3
no more UNCLEAN cutlery optional pouch add 60 cents

World's Smallest Travel Adapter
fr $3
no more worry unable to use electronic devices when travelling

Fashion Watches Japan parts - Great for lucky draw below $20

big flexible tripod with phone holder (quick phone remove)

small flexible tripod with phone holder $5
enjoy watching your video with this flexible tripod, no need to hold the phone.

best selling Mgt Book on RCM - a MUST have for all engineers
buy for your dept to improve their skills

Books - Enhance your career and knowledges

***free delivery for purchase above $1000

**** price may be changed without notice
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